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The Limestone Rock'n'Roll Revue

Featuring many of the top, seasoned players from Kingston, Ontario performing the great songs of Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Otis Redding, Ray Charles, Bobby Darin and many more.



 The Big Phat Horn Band featuring vocalist Michael K. Myers

10 pc band specializing in classic swing, rockin' blues standards, and romantic ballads. Think Sinatra, Buble, Colin James/Brian Setzer... and it performs on the last Saturday of every month, at The RCHA Club, on Ontario Street, in Kingston.



Hat Trick!




Hat Trick presents The British Invasion

The wonderful music and bands of the 1960s British Invasion. The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Zombies, Dave Clark Five, Kinks, and many more. Catchy songs, great memories!



The Bobby Show
A music revue featuring just songs by, and stories about, the various Bobby singers who come from an overlooked, and often critically looked down upon period in popular music -the late 50's, through to the early 60's, prior to the British Invasion, and the arrival of The Beatles. Says Michael, "I think some exciting, well crafted, and memorable music was produced then, by talented singers, and songwriters, including the Bobby's, and it definitely had, and still has, a big influence on my performing, and songwriting career."


River Cats #3

The River Cats
Up and down the St. Lawrence River and into the 1000 Islands, Michael Myers and Spencer Evans are the duo extraordinaire of the Island Queen cruise boat out of Kingston. Performing from mid-May to mid-October, The River Cats entertain thousands of visitors to Kingston every summer playing songs from their CD recording. Also available for special occasions the rest of the year.


MKM solo

Michael continues to perform by himself, or in a duo/trio with Tim Hallman at various venues. He also performs regularly at various seniors homes throughout the Kingston area.


Paddy Whack

Paddy Whack
Since 1980 Michael Myers and Greg Forbes have jigged and reeled their Irish,Celtic,and 'down east' repertoire for crowds across southern Ontario. The duo is always somewhere if St. Patrick's Day is near.


Michael continues to dig in to and perform the brilliant songs of The Great American Songbook. In the tradition of Nat King Cole, Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and so many others, he sings the wonderful songs of Rogers and Hart, Johnny Mercer, Cole Porter and other greats of the thirties, forties and fifties. With his "Room with a View" trio and quartet, or as a solo, you'll find Michael singing and performing around the Kingston area and also promoting his original song jazz CD.





 Paddy Whack Live