1. Undone

From my 2008 CD 'My Kind Of Play'. A touch of reggae, with Gary Barratt laying down some great drumming, and percussion.
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Undone              lyrics and music (c)2006 by michael k. myers
The saddest of words, goodbye
Everything hurts, you cry
Why does it have to be over?
How did it end up this way?
Was in the spring, a bluebird
I heard it sing, a new word
You spoke it soft on my shoulder
We fell in love that day....but
Undone, a knot that was tied became
Undone, a beautiful sight became
So wrong
It went out of focus
Life kind of broke us, now
Undone, that’s how my life’s become
No fun, spendin’ my days in the 
Setting sun
A long shadow’s found me
With a heartache that hounds me I’m