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Career Highlights

- The Growing Pains (pop/rock) 
- The Sedimentary Rock Band
- Folk duo with Mark Haines

Michael begins his songwriting career.

- Bramble (jazz/rock a la Chicago, Blood, Sweat and Tears.)
- Theatre 5 Kingston. Accompanist and Composer
- A Naughtical Revue (Sailing Olympics 1976)
- Buck the Computer (Music Revue)
- Solo singer/songwriter - Toronto and Kingston
- 1978 - 5 Song Self-Titled EP recording of original material

Michael tours in the early 70's with Theatre 5 and lives and 
works from Toronto in the late 70's.


- Theatre 5 Classic Fairy Tales (Accompanist/ Composer/Actor)

- Paddy Whack (Celtic, Down East Trio)

- The Phones (pop/rock trio)

- Recording - "The Songs from Cinderella and Puss in Boots"

- Nobody's Perfect (composer, accompanist and actor) Sponsored by Epilepsy Kingston

- Hey Aesop! (composer, accompanist and actor) 

- Solo singer/songwriter (Vancouver, Kingston)


- The City Slickers (modern country)
- Solo singer/songwriter

Michael discovers the jazz standards and the Great American Songbook.


- Rebirth of The Growing Pains (2000-2013)

- Room with a View - Jazz Vocalist

- Paddy Whack

- The River Cats - duo with Spencer Evans. 1000 Island Cruise Lines

- 2003 - Self-titled CD - Michael K. Myers (original pop/jazz)

- 2008 - CD - My Kind of Play (original pop/rock)

- 2010 - The Bobby Show - tribute written and produced by Michael K. Myers



- 2012 - launch of a new web site - this one!

-2013 - Hat Trick with three former members of The Growing Pains 

-2013- The Big Phat Horn Band featuring vocalist Michael K. Myers


-2014- CD release 'You Are Here'


-2014- Nov.8, The Bobby Show is performed at Kingston's Grand Theatre to over 600 people!

-2017- CD release 'Portsmouth' 

-2017- The Limestone Rock'n'Roll Revue

-2017- Room With A View (4pc jazz combo - Nat King Cole, Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald..)

-2020- CD Release 'Why Do You Fly Away Little Bird?' and other painted songs by Michael K. Myers



2021- digital EP release 'Picture This' instrumentals



from the archives: Michael with 'The City Slickers' in the early 90's