From the recording You Are Here (Album)

From my (2014) CD album 'You Are Here'. This song, along with the rest of the album, was recorded at my home studio, using GarageBand. All the instruments are performed by me. Check out my handmade video of this song on YouTube.


What Am I Gonna Do About You ?     lyrics and music ©2013 by Michael K. Myers
I know what to do with this guitar in my hand
I got a song that I can sing
Might be a rockin'  tune , I'll play it with the band
Or I can do a love song too, and do it on demand
But you, oh you
What am I gonna do about you?
If I knew
I would surely act
But I'm blue, so blue
The one thing on my mind
is losin'  you, ooh
What am I gonna do about you?
I am a leader, people need me to decide
They need an answer to a problem
I figure it out, here's the solution I provide
And that's just what I do, and when I do I'm satisfied
But you, oh you
I used to think that I could do most anything
Just put my mind to it, and conquer
No mountain high, no river wide would hinder me
Just do what I must do, cause what's the use in worrying
But you...