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Why Do You Fly Away, Little Bird? and Other Painted Songs by Michael K. Myers

Michael K. Myers

In the fall of 2018 I moved into a new place to live. It had (has) a beautiful view and creativity stirred after a fairly long hiatus, and I began writing again. It started with an instrumental piece on my piano (November ’18) and progressed to a series of new songs written throughout the winter of 2019 and into the summer. Well naturally, the idea of packaging these songs up into an album became a reality, with the release of this collection ‘Why Do You Fly Away, Little Bird? and other painted songs by Michael K. Myers’. Painted? Recording this project I felt like a painter with a sketch - the song with just guitar and voice - then adding the various colours and filling out the canvas until it became a full blown painting. A song painting, if you will.
I hope you enjoy these song paintings contained herein.
The cover photo is of that view which greeted me in my new home in 2018.
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My Kind Of Play CD
  • My Kind Of Play CD
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CD Thirteen songs by Michael, reflecting the many and varied influences on his songwriting. Pop, rock, jazz, reggae and folk. All in a tuneful collection showcasing his delight in, and command of, the songwriting craft. Some good dance tunes too!

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Michael K. Myers CD
  • Michael K. Myers CD
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A CD of original swing and other grooves. Check it out! Michael K. Myers' self-titled recording of twelve original songs. With himself on vocals, and five of Kingston, Ontario's best jazz musicians, the CD is an infectious blend of jazz-pop songwriting and performance.

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