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Don't Be Alone Anymore

Michael K. Myers
music and lyrics(c)2000by Michael K. Myers


from my 2003 CD 'Michael K. Myers'. Back in the mid to late 90's, I worked as a cab driver. There was a lot of down time, and I would write songs in my head, for the most part, and write down the lyrics. All done without an instrument at hand. When I got home I would translate them to a guitar. I wrote a few songs like this, and here is one of them.

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Don’t Be Alone Anymore


Don’t be alone anymore

I’m here to keep you company

You say those close to you have let you down

I say now that you can count on me


Don’t be alone anymore

Let down your guard, you have no need

Come out from behind those walls that you have built

Princess let your weary heart go free


What heartless fates have imprisoned you

And hardened you

It was too cruel

Behind your beauty hides a tenderness

A warmth I sense

Beneath that cool


Don’t be alone anymore

Take a leap of faith it’s okay to laugh

Wake up turn your head around and see the world

Take my hand and greet a brand new day.


lyrics and music [c]2000 by Michael K. Myers